idaYOGA offers a mix of vinyasa flow, hot yoga, yin, restorative and gentle yoga.

Our yoga studio in Hailey, ID offers all levels of yogi’s a place to practice and call home. We offer a variety of genres, and our schedule offers a mix of traditional yoga, vinyasa flow, hot yoga, yin, restorative and gentle yoga. We offer heated and hot classes along with the traditional room temperature flows.
Allow us to be your guide, teaching you the techniques needed to create and maintain a steady personal practice. These classes are so much more than simply learning exercises, they are about creating a healthier lifestyle. Discover the tools and develop the habits you’ll need to help improve your daily patterns and ultimately, your life.


I am an idaYOGI.
I am uniquely awesome.
I am stronger than I feel.
I am worthy.
I am not what others say.
I am perfectly imperfect.
I am courageous and fearless.
I am EXACTLY where I need to be.


Flow Till Ya Glow

This is a power vinyasa flow set to music and immersed in heat. Vinyasa yoga cultivates heat in the body and when combined with a heated room it helps to release unwanted toxins in the body and mind! (Not recommended if you are brand new to yoga) Room is heated to approx. 95-100 degrees for this vigorous physical practice.

Mindful Slow Flow

This mindful slow flow practice will be conducted in a warm room (80-85 degrees) and create the space for a deep mental and physical connection to your personal experience on the mat. A little something for everyone. This class will blend flow, balance, strength, flexibility and power.  For individuals at any level of fitness.


This class is held in a non-heated room designed to lift and tone your muscles while firing up your core. Through a sequence of controlled reps using your body weight as well as isolation movements we guarantee this class will leave your muscles engaged and be prepared to combine the benefits of both HIIT (high intensity interval training) and muscle toning for a calorie burning blast. During this 60-minute class you will increase your heart rate, strengthen your core, burn fat and increase your metabolism while strengthening, toning and lengthening your muscles.

Heated Flow

A heated (95 degrees) mindful, dynamic, and centering vinyasa class focused on linking movement with breath. This open level class explores a wide range of strengthening, opening, and balancing poses while weaving in different yogic philosophies to help you find a deeper internal connection. Be ready to play, sweat, stretch, and smile.

Slow Flow

Slow Flow is a class for everyone. We offer this class in a warm room to help you release tension from stress and restore your body’s balance. A perfect offering for a relaxing flow sequence.

Richard Yoga

A warm, comfortable room- using the therapeutic value of heat to soften muscle and connective tissue, relieve pain, and better ease you into a multitude of carefully chosen postures. Clear descriptive instruction, perfect for anyone who has ever asked, “What did they say? What do they want me to do?”

Heated Yin

Heated Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga heated to 90-95 degrees. The postures are primarily done on the mat and through a series of non impact, non strenuous sequences are designed to imporve blood flow, flexibility, mobility and work on a connective tissue at the cellular level. Get ready for a relaxing, restorative hour of yoga.

Sole Dance

Movement is our lifestyle. Breaking through our barriers of mind, body, and getting to that place where we bare our true selves, our Souls. With fun, easy and inspiring repetitions to help our muscle memory grow, Class will be a safe haven for those that seek and wish to explore past our boundaries to where we can just let go, embrace our weird selves and welcome others to do the same. It’s that self who dances around at home when no one is watching…… think of a whole room of people and dedicated time to be just like that! OURSELVES!

Gentle Yoga Flow

This class will allow you to slow down and connect with the intention of being in the mind and body through the practice of yoga. Through mindful awareness of simple and conscious breath work combined with yoga postures, each student will discover a deeper connection to the ebb and flow of the present moment. This class is for everybody including beginners to advanced practitioners.




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